We at Luis Alonso Exotics take pride in our collection and strive for harmony in our human relations.  As leaders of many projects, providing unfathomable quality animals and top-notch customer service are  but two of the many aspects that have guaranteed our longevity. Having successfully produced cutting edge  Ball Pythons  since  2006, including numerous World's First mutations, shows we have not failed the test of time.


During my early teens began my undying passion for reptiles.  I kept   Ball Pythons, Boas, Burms  and Retics . In 2002 we began a breeding program with large constrictors.  

Then due to unfortunate changes in Florida legislation we parted with the bigger snakes to focus exclusively on Ball Pythons.


Availing customers of the very best experience when purchasing animals and providing them with the most precise Ball Python-relevant information are our foremost  priorities. Whether you're a small hobbyist or huge collector is of little importance since our animals cover a substantial spectrum of the market and are some  of the most sought after in the industry.


Here at Luis Alonso Exotics we will continue to produce Excellence!